John Brandwood

Priceless Experience.

Well Within Your Reach.


John Brandwood was probably in the business of professional photography before you were born. The fact is that, unless you’re in your fifties, when JB began capturing moments and turning them into memories, you were still in nappies.

What’s changed in the world of photography during that time? Everything and nothing. In terms of the technicalities of creating a photograph: everything. In terms of knowing what makes a good photograph – one that stands the test of time, one that becomes a family treasure: nothing.

So, don’t be intimidated by experience.

This may be an apocryphal story, but even if it is it makes the point… At his house in Mougins in the south of France, Picasso lived reclusively and was seldom seen. On a rare visit to a local café, he was propositioned by a wealthy tourist who, seizing the day, grabbed a paper tablecloth and said to the old man, ‘draw on this tablecloth, maestro, and I will pay you whatever you think it’s worth.’ Without saying a word, Picasso took a charcoal from his pocket and made a scrawl on the paper. Then he looked the tourist in the eye and said, ‘that’ll be ten-million francs.’ Flabbergasted, the tourist said ‘how can that be? It took you just a few seconds!’ ‘No, Monsieur’, the great man replied, ‘it took sixty years.’

Now, nobody’s saying that John Brandwood is up there with the man who invented Cubism, but you get the point. Anybody can point a camera, but it takes somebody special to create images that will disarm, delight and endure.

If you’re in the market for something disposable, reach for your smartphone or call your friend with the all-singing-all-dancing digital SLR. However, if you want to create a photographic legacy, you should ask John Brandwood how he can help you.

You may never be able to hang a Picasso on your wall, but a Brandwood is well within your reach and for the generations to follow, that precious image will be equally priceless.